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Milestone & Highlights

Strong Development History

Years of development since 2009 have been dedicated to refining our technology,

overcoming challenges faced with other companies' reactors that fell short in

rigorous field testing. We persevered and developed our proprietary 6" Cube

reactor generator, delivering HHO directly to diesel engines with remarkable success,

satisfying our clients' needs. Subsequent product redesigns led to the perfection of

the Polymer sealed CUBE, a thermally protected electrolysis water decomposition

generator that disrupted the market and achieved remarkable commercial success

with tecting on companies like Monster drink.

C.A.R.B. Approval:
Our commitment to excellence and stringent quality standards led to our products

successfully passing California Air Regulatory Board's (C.A.R.B.) rigorous testing

protocols. Out of the numerous hydrogen-on-demand (HOD) companies, only a select few have received C.A.R.B. approval, and we proudly count ourselves among them. This recognition validates the effectiveness and reliability of our technology, setting us apart as industry leaders.

Patent Success:
Building upon our accomplishments, we have been awarded 20 patent claims, a testament to the unique and innovative aspects of our Cube technology. This recognition further solidifies our position as pioneers in the field of clean energy and hydrogen solutions. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation drives us to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Continued Advancements: The Mini CUBE Hydrogen Separation Platform:
In 2021, we unveiled our latest innovation, the Mini CUBE. This compact yet powerful device represents a significant milestone in our journey. With its advanced design and enhanced efficiency, the Mini CUBE opens up new possibilities for various applications and markets, along with multiple new design patent applications, one of which is hydrogen separation in a wet environment.

CUBE EV Battery Replenishment System (CEBRS):
Looking towards the future, we are on the cusp of testing our eBike prototype CUBE EV battery replenishment system (CEBRS) in 2022. This groundbreaking system has the potential to eliminate the need for EVs to be plugged in, offering a seamless and convenient solution for battery charging. By revolutionizing the way EVs operate, we are taking a bold step towards a more sustainable and efficient transportation landscape.

Through relentless dedication to research, development, and collaboration, we continue to push the boundaries of clean energy technology. Our innovative products and industry recognition position us as a driving force in the transition to a greener and more sustainable future.

mini cube acrylic rob.HEIC
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